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Reporting to the CEO, the Vice President of Marketing will be responsible for defining our brand and messaging in the marketplace, and for building the organization that will carry our message to the market.  The VP of Marketing will work with the CEO and colleagues on the executive team to set the vision for the company, articulate priorities, justify budget, and drive revenue growth.  The initial role will require a commitment to and enthusiasm for hands-on work, while simultaneously executing a plan to build and lead a scalable marketing organization.  

The VP of Marketing role will require thought leadership, market analysis (quantitative and qualitative), customer education, brand identity, communications, customer relationship building, digital outreach, and business development.   As a necessary part of these responsibilities, the VP of Marketing will work with our customers to improve our understanding of their needs and their understanding of how Riffyn answers those needs.

Riffyn is defining an emerging and rapidly expanding market with its product. To succeed in this objective, The VP of Marketing will require a deep understanding of the life science, chemical and/or food R&D domains, the behavior patterns and pain points of our customers, and the channels for reaching and resonating with those customers.

At its core, Riffyn is a mission-driven and value-driven organization.  The VP of Marketing will be responsible for realizing that mission and embodying those values both internally and externally.



  • Define core messaging and storyline for Riffyn and its offerings
  • Define and execute the marketing activities to communicate the storyline and accelerate revenue growth
  • Find creative channels to market and grow those channels in synchrony with the business growth
  • Analyze and articulate the psychology, behaviors and pain points of our customers
  • Introduce innovative programs and communications to drive demand for Riffyn’s offerings, including the content and collateral to infuse that message into the market
  • Oversee the day-to-day activities of the marketing function including budgeting, planning, staff recruiting and staff development
  • Recruit and coordinate external marketing resources as needed
  • Evaluate trends and adjust strategy to capitalize on shifts in the marketplace
  • Obtain and disseminate competitive intelligence back into the organization to drive product lines and sales growth
  • Develop strategy for participating in industry conferences and trade shows to identify the highest value venues and optimal format, including involvement of founders
  • Find and develop introductions for sales leadership to major customer prospects at the highest levels of the organization
  • Develop ongoing relationships with key customer accounts, academic institutions, and other industry leaders



  • Superb communication skills, with the ability to serve as a key translator between the scientists who are our customers and the technical team who develop our products
  • Domain expertise in process-based industries (life, chemical or food science)
  • Strong relationships with key decision-makers and organizations in process-based industries
  • Proven ability to develop behavioral profiles of people and organizations and to translate that understanding into effective education and marketing messages
  • Proven skills and experience with the channels and tools required to drive market presence in software and R&D
  • Demonstrated success in building sales and marketing for new product lines
  • Entrepreneurial attitude, with a capability and willingness to drive success in a high-growth, high-risk environment
  • Visionary, supportive, empowering and self-less leadership skills
  • Ability to work as part of a highly collaborative executive team


Education and Experience

  • Bachelors degree
  • Masters degree or MBA is strongly preferred
  • Minimum of 12 years of professional experience in science or technology industries, with a preference for experience with SaaS markets


About Riffyn

Riffyn is a rapidly growing provider of research design and analytics software (SaaS) to biotech, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Riffyn SaaS offers a unique “design first” approach to scientific experimentation and product development that solves previously intractable data fragmentation issues.  Riffyn provides global R&D organizations with unprecedented access to high-quality data, process design information and integrative data analytics---capabilities that improve R&D decisions and shorten the time to market for new products.



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