Confronting the Problem of Knowledge Mismanagement in Life Science R&D

An article by Synbiobeta delves into the issues of data fragmentation, data analysis and tech transfer in life sciences R&D - with interviews of Chris Stevens, the Director of Strategy, Operations and Planning at GSK, and with Tim Gardner, Riffyn's CEO.  From the post:

Today, more resources than ever before are being channeled into life sciences R&D. In recent years, annual worldwide industrial life science R&D spending has exceeded $160 billion and is expected to continue to grow, with government and nonprofit spending on life sciences adding another $60-70B annually to this total.  But, contrary to expectations, the influx of support doesn’t mean that researchers’ jobs are getting any easier—and in fact, in some ways they are getting much harder. Read more at

Web API Now Available for Riffyn

We are delighted to tell you that we have released a new web API that allows for programmatic access to Riffyn. This will add to Riffyn’s already great capabilities to help you achieve unprecedented data integration & analytical insight in your browser.

The web API gives you and your organization the power to automate experimental execution and analysis with Riffyn.  You can programmatically create experiments, runs, and samples on your R&D processes in Riffyn, write data to those runs/samples, and then track their processing status.

With the Riffyn web API, you can integrate third party applications, instrumentation and control systems - or integrate with your custom-built data pipelines, your data warehouse or your data lake. Some Riffyn customers have even used the API to integrate Riffyn as the backend to their customer-facing web applications for sample ordering and processing. You can also use the API  to integrate Riffyn into existing ERP or inventory management solutions.

We’re excited to make this functionality available to you as part of  our commitment deliver ever-increasing value to your enterprise, and to ease data acquisition, analysis, and sharing in an open ecosystem of tools.

To learn more about the API or Riffyn in general, please visit

Meet Riffyn: Analyze Mode

Last time we introduced you to Riffyn's all new Measure Mode,  where you plan and execute your experiment design and capture your data. Before that we introduced Design Mode, where you visually define how you want to achieve your scientific aims. This week we're going to talk about Analyze Mode, which equips you to clean your data, join together across process steps and instruments, and analyze it using your favorite statistical analysis packages.

Meet Riffyn: Design Mode

With the launch of Riffyn’s design software for research and development, scientists everywhere are able to better design, measure, and analyze their experiments and data with precision and context.  Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be showing you more of the new features that are included in the release. Today we’ll talk about the all new Design Mode.